Resorts Map of Palawan

Palawan Map Of Resorts

Palawan Island is a ecologically diverse island that is rich in beauty and wornder.  Our Palawan map of  resorts gives you a guide of where all the amazing Palawan resort in relation to all the amazing activities.

Click for the truly stunning resort areas that you may want to explore:

1. Coron Resorts

Coron and the surounding island is a feast of island hopping opportunities with an abundance of natural activiies. From diving some of the best world war II ship wreck sites in the world to the secluded white beach on litte rocky island with not a soul around. This region has some fantastic accommodation and Coron resorts for you to explore this wondeful area. Read more…

2. El Nido Resorts

Number two on the Palawan map is El Nido. This stunning place is unrivaled with its beauty and geological diverseness. From the lush tropical jungles that burst with the most unique flora and fauna to the water that crystal clear water teeming with marine life. A seclude paradise with a laid backed atmosphere, with boutique El Nido resorts that will make your stay one of exploration discovery and relaxation. Read more…

3. Puerto Princesca

3rd on the Palawan map of resorts but in no way is Puerto Princesca in 3rd place. Puerto Princesa, the capital of Palawan is the ideal spot to base yourself with nearly all off the wonders of Palawan  in close proximity. With stunning beaches to relax on, amazing Puerto Princesca resorts, a national park that is listed as a wonder of the world. Puerto Princesca is truly a place you should visit whilst on Palawan island. Read more…