The Top 3 Things To Do On Palawan Island

Palawan Island is a holiday destination is that is one of pure discovery, exploration and total relaxation. Whether it be exploring the many points in history that this island has taken part in or the rich ecologically treasures on land and in its waters.

No matter what you choose to do while on the Island of Palawan, one thing is certain. You will return home after your vacation rested, relaxed, and full of stories to tell of the beauty and tranquility of the islands. Here are the top 3 you must do on Palawan Island:

Dive Palawan

Diving Palawan

Palawan is a divers dream. It has literally been listed in dozens of diving magazine every year “as a go to diving destination”. The crystal clear tropical waters are warm and inviting, with an abundance of  shallow World War II ship wrecks and coral reefs.

Diving in Palwan is an all year round experience, but the best times are between October and May, when the water is at its calmest.

Here some of the best dive sites you should put on your list:

The Black Island Wreck: This wreck is located east of the Malajon Island, a 3 hour boat ride from your Coron resorts, so is not a site that is that is dived regularly. The Minimum dive depth is 12 meters/40 feet to a maximum depth of 34 meters/110 feet. With minimal currents this Japanese Imperial ship is home to a diverse range of marine life including angel fish, sweepers, schools of bat fish and trumpet fish.

The Concepcion Wreck: This wreck is just south of Concepcion Village in Busuanga. One of the most popular wreck within the region. The Taiei Maru (Concepcion Wreck) a Japanese cargo ship that lies in an upright position at a depth of  26 meters/80Feet which is perfect for the open water diver.  With its bow almost totally broken off, where the Allied Forces bombs hit the ship it offers easy access and amazing diving within the ship which is covered in coral and teeming with marine life.

Lusong Island Wreck : A Japanese gun boat wreck at the southern end of Lusong island. The wreckage is visible at just 6 meters/20 feet to a depth of 10 meters/33 feet again perfect for open water divers and snorkelers with mild currents. Because of its shallow depth it is a photographers heaven with great light and abounding in marine life and coral.

Here the best dive Compaies in Palawan:

Coron Diving – Dive Link Resort– A resort that concentrate on diving all around Coron and the many islands, simply a divers nirvana, go to Dive Link Resort for more information.

El Nido Diving –Palawan Divers

Puerto Princesca Diving –

Puerto Princesa Subterranean River National Park

Puerto Princesa Subterranean River National Park

The Puerto Princesa Subterranean River National Park is one of the most unique ecologicaly conservation parks in the entire world. Featuring a awe-inspiring limestone spears that tower out of the water and an 8.2 kilometer underground river, the longest navigable underground river in the World. The National park contains a full series of prisitne mountain ranges that spill into the the sea, with a delicate ecosystem and protected forests, which are among the most significant in Asia.

Inscribed into the UNESCO, List of Natural World Heritage Sites which confirms its exceptional and universal value a site that deserves to be protected for the benefit of all humanity. It is currently nomiated in the finalist of the new seven natural wonders of the world list for 2011 with nominations such as Halong Bay in Vietnam and the Amazon

Protected by goverment sponsored programs that center around environmental conservation and sustainable development. This amazing National park is one of only a few in the world that can be accessed by the public can really experienced and appreciate for the true wonder it is. Close to all the Puerto Princesca Resorts there guided tours and canoe tours though the underground river system can be arranged at the park office.

For more information go to:

Palawan Island Hopping

Palawan Island Hopping

There many areas around Palawan island where you can island hop whether in El Nido, Coron or Puerto Princesa they all have amazing little islands that surround these 3 main tourist areas. One the best place to tour is in Honda Bay.

Honda Bay is the main bay to Puerto Princesa town which also houses some of the most spectacular islands and islet that rest in the emerald green seas of Palawan island. With each island having its own unique character and charm they are popular with island-hoppers for swimming, snorkelling and unique diving sites.

Most tours will take you to some of the major islands in the bay such as Panadan island, which is a lovely little island that is a snorkellers paradise with the teeming marine life and coral surrounding the island.

Snake island, a sand bar shaped like a snake with the whitest sand in all of Palawan. A perfect place to stop and work on the tan and swim in the warm ocean for a couple of hours, by that time your tour operator should be serving lunch.

Another impressive island is Starfish Island. As the name suggests it is known for its fine white sand and clear water that teems with local starfish. With a sandbar that encircles a central lagoon this is an amazing protected place to swim, snorkel and just relax.

With a multitude of tour operators offering 6 to 10 hour tours you are blessed with options in regards to length island to hop and group sizes. Here are the best on offer: