Welcome to Palawan Island

Where is Palawan Island?

Palawan Isalnd is a 450 kilometre long tropical island, which is the biggest in the Palawan group of islands. Located at the western rim of the Philippine archipelago between the South China Sea and the Sulu Sea.

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Getting to Manila

Manila major airport is the Ninoy Aquino International Airport, 7 kilometres south of Manila City. A wide variety of major international airlines either fly straight into to Manila or you can connect via many hub airports like Hong Kong, Bangkok, Singpore or Kuala Lumpur depending on which way you are travelling from. You can get a conecting flight generally the same day or stay over night in Manilla and fly out the next day.

There are two modes of transport that service the island out of Manila either by air or by sea.

1. Palawan Island By Air

There 3 airports that service Palawan island from Manila.

1. Puerto Princesa International Airport is the major gateway in and out of Palawan Island. Palawan Island is approximately a 1 hour flight south west of Manilla to its capital Peurto Princesca.

2. Basuanga Airport: There is an airport on the island of Basuanga which services the resorts and tourist destinations in and around Coron.

There are a multitude of domestic and international airlines that fly the Manilla Route to Puerto Princesa and Basuanga. These are:

Philippine Airlines – Click Here For Great Airfares…

Air Philippines – Click Here For Great Airfares…

Cebu Pacific – Click Here For Great Airfares…

Zest Airways – Click Here For Great Airfares…

3. El Nido Airport: Located at the northern end of the island and services the resorts and tourist destinations around El nido and Tay Tay. There are flights twice daily to El Nido from Manila’s old Domestic Airport Terminal.

The only airline that flies this route is : Island Tranvoyager  Phone + 63 2 851 5674, + 63 2 855 2678

When to book

All airlines will offer promotion price at different times of the year depending on the season. This generally done online and are offered months before you choose to travel. Best to book early as generally the prices are much higher and there is no guarantee that you will get a seat. So book early. Click Here For Great Airfares….

2. Palawan Island By Sea

The other option to getting Palawan island is by sea. There a multitude of ferries that goes from Manilla to Peurto Princesa once a week and the trip takes between 20 to 28 hours to get there depending on weather and the speed of your ferry.

WARNING: This route is one of the most dangerous in the Philippines and should only be taken with a reputable company. There are plenty of companies that service the Palawan route but some are probably not the most seaworthy boats available. Saving a few dollars may not just be worth it.

The companies we suggest are:


Superferry leaves weekly from Manila to Puerto Princesa via Coron. Ticket include meals. Superferry departs Manila Friday mornings, arrives in Coron on Saturday, then Puerto Princesa later that day. On the return journey it leaves Puerto Princesa on Sunday, then onto Coron , arriving in Manila Monday morning.

Negros Navigation

Negros Navigation has a ferry that sails weekly from Manila to Puerto Princesa. It leaves from Manila Thursday morning and gets into Puerto Princesa on Friday. Departing for the return journey home from Puerto Princesa on Saturday and gets into Manila on Sunday morning.

Getting Around Palawan Island

When you arrive at Peurto Princesa there various modes of transport. Ideally you have arranged with your resort to pick you up but if you have not arranged this then here are some options.

1. Buses from Puerto Princesa to El Nido –  4 services a day, 2 in the mornings and 2 in the early afternoon. These are:

Eulen Joy bus: + 63 919-716 2210

Sweety bus lines: + 63 919 711 9221

2. Private Shuttle Bus from most airports and seaports to the resort of your choice.

Puerto Princesca Terminal: + 63 920 981 5702;

El Nido Terminal: + 63 919 745 6546

3. Car, Vans and Jeepneys

The cheapest option getting around Palawan is the local Jeepney (Converted Jeep/bus hybrid) service. Jeepney’s are the most popular mode of transport in the Philippines. These service are available everywhere and operate on a fare type set up. Great for touring around the island also.

You can private hire a van or jeepney which is a good option for groups.  Or if you have the money you can rent cars and vans at all major terminals.